Glissentar Strings, and 3rd day reflections

September 16, 2006 17:03 by keithkaragan
I read a bunch of people's experiences regarding the Glissentar before purchasing one. Most noted that the instrument came with a couple extra sets of strings, since they are hardly a stock item anywhere. The strings are nylon, and wound on all but the 1st and 2nd strings. The one I bought didn't come with any extra strings, and I lamented that I'd need to get some quickly since every new stringed instrument I've ever owned broke strings in the first week of use or so.
Well, I boke one on day 3 - no strings were ordered at the time, and the hunt began to find some and order them. They're not exactly an inexpensive thing either, at $16+shipping a set. So I ordered a few sets, and I'm awaiting thier arrival. In the meantime, I reading that shangins to other types of nylon strings (Flatwounds, Tapewounds, some folks break other sets up and use them for the different courses of strings on the instrument), I'll have to investigate the possibility of getting other types of strings to work on the Glissentar, and how much of a hassle it is vs. the possible improvements in tone or feel of the instrument. Some folks indicated a small bead can be used to replace the ball-end when using standard classical type strings.
Another task is finding a hardshell case for the Glissentar.
The Glissentar has got me hooked on the idea of a fretless electric guitar, so I'm looking around and considering buying an inexpensive (but nice) axe to take the frets out of and see how it works.
 For now it's 10 strings only.Undecided
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