Hello Again. It's Me, World.

March 30, 2006 21:00 by keithkaragan
Well, TechOui is finally back online after an extended spring vacation. It seems that our previous web host was bought by another web host, and in the process of transitioning to their new servers and staff, they managed to screw up every imaginable thing possible.
It got to the point where service tickets went unanswered, and you had to call them - then the phones would go to voice mail, then the message on the phone basically said not to bother calling anymore. Needless to say, I started shopping for a new host. It's a shame, the old host was pretty good up until then. They would occasionally have issues, but always resolved them in a reasonable and timely manner. I've moved my stuff over to GoDaddy now, and although not as developer friendly, I'm hoping the size of the company will offer some stability.
So, I was able to salvage all my web code and files from the old host, but still need to try to get my databases from them - getting my domains released was an adventure - so, I'm not looking forward to that experience. That content may be lost forever.
I took the opprotunity presented by the host problem to do a redesign of the site. It was needed since the purpose of the site has changed since I'm no longer consulting through TechOui, and have a 'legitimate' full-time job at a respectable company (oh, that sounds scary to me...) - and the look was getting old too. This new site is all CSS, no tables (although some may sneak in in the content).
The architecture is all ASP.Net 2.0 now too, with MasterPages, and a homegrown content management system that virtualizes all the page and blog content to the database, simulating a file system so I can create pages in my administrative console, and version content - kind of the way SharePoint does.
The host locks down the Trust on the server, so it was a little more challenging to get everything working than I expected - but now it seems to basically work, and I'll be tweaking out the odds and ends as I move along.
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