Labor matters

December 23, 2005 01:30 by keithkaragan

Labor matters, it matters more and more every time another union is broken. Every time another working class person is laid-off, has their salary cut, or health care costs increased, or hours cut. It matters every time another big box store has a shirt made by a child in a third world country. Every time a person takes a second job to make ends meet. Every time bankruptcy laws are changed. Every time credit card interest rates go up. Every time congress passes a bill that puts special interests ahead of the interests of the people.


Labor matters to truck your food, stop crime, teach your kids, deliver the mail, let the call go through, and transport you to your destination.


Labor matters for fair pay, the right to grow old without starvation, and fair treatment on the job. Labor matters because it unites the voices of the many against the profit of the few.

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