Another Casualty in the Campaign of Fear and Repression?

December 9, 2005 00:30 by Admin
A 44 year old home center paint department worker returning home from a trip to Ecuador is gunned down in a Miami airport by Federal Air Marshals after having some kind of break down and mentioning he had a bomb in his backpack. We all saw this story all over the news. The man, Rigoberto Alpizar, was accompanied by his wife who apparently tried in vain to make it known that her husband suffered from mental illness and was off his medication. He never brandished a weapon, was off the plane when killed, and had passed though airport security and US customs prior to the incident.
The officer followed protocol, the administration is supporting his actions as such - but what of this protocol? What about reason entering the equation and making a judgment to not kill without justification? If Mr. Alpizar had a bomb, would his killing have prevented it from being detonated? If his intent was to blow up the plane, why would he have left the plane? and so on ...
Are we in such a state of perpetual terror that every mentally ill person, or anyone unable to communicate clearly will be in danger of being murdered if what they say appears to be threatening to someone else? This is a very disturbing situation. I have compassion for Mrs. Alpizar having to suffer the loss of her husband, and having to witness his demise, but my bigger concern is that this incident is an indication of a much more dangerous and serious cultural change in the way Americans live day to day. We submit to inspection on demand, show papers when ordered, are gunned down at will, and seem all too willing to do away with our remaining rights in order to 'feel' safer. In this zeal for safety we can't look past ourself to 'feel' what we're losing, what we've lost, and what we are giving away day by day. Where are the days where we, as a community, try to care and protect those who are suffering from mental distress from themselves and the wrath of others by making them safe.
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