Was the Miers Nomination Just a Diversion?

November 1, 2005 16:53 by keithkaragan
It seems obvious to me that the Nomination of Harriet Miers was a ploy to divert attention away from gender in the debate over who will replace Justice O'Conner. Another so-called conservative male is a solid bet for those who prefer a so-called conservative court. One has to credit Bush's advisers on the gall they display in taking advantage of every opportunity to use the attributes and tendencies attributed to Bush: Appoints cronies to strategic posts, Scandal over Libby-Gate, etc. - They play every card dealt to their optimum advantage, they know that the so-called liberals can't focus long enough on what's important to counter multiple moves with a unified response - dangle shinny objects in front of them and they end up bickering over them, playing dress up and fighting for position to look at themselves in the mirror and pretend that they are movie stars.
The democrats, and republicans that aren't right-wing religious zealots or fascists, better wake the hell up and form a united front against the quiet coupe 'de ta that has been going on. It's unacceptable to replace Justice O'Conner with a conservative male that will be a sure bet for the right-wing. If they wish us to believe that Harriet Miers is the only woman they could find that would pass congressional scrutiny, they need to hear a loud and unified response that says otherwise. If American women wish to wield influence at the top positions of corporate America with equal compensation, responsibility, and representation - then they must demand that this be reflected in all aspects of our government as well.
It's a well known opinion that Supreme Court justices tend to become more liberal in their views over time, and it's my suspicion that females tend to become more liberal with age as well (just my observation - as men tend to become more conservative and inflexible). The successful nomination of a male conservative will be a safe bet, and that's what they are going for - unabashedly.
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