Guitar Tech

November 17, 2005 01:30 by keithkaragan
I've been playing guitar a lot more lately, and my chops are much stronger than they've been in the last 6 months.So I think I'm ready to start recording some new OuiCast stuff using the guitar I bought (used) pretty recently. The problem is that it sounds 'buzzy' when recorded using the internal pick-up - a Fishman piezo bridge type.
I'd love to replace it, and there seems to be several nice options for doing so, but I really want some of the features I've seen on Takamine and Ovation acoustic guitars - notably, a built-in tuner. I re-tune often to various tunings, and this feature would be an excellent addition. At the 100 or more pickup/transducer options I've looked at, none have this feature ... Really frustrating! If it's available from the manufacturer's in new guitars, one would think that the aftermarket would pick-up (no pun intended) on the desire of musicians to have this feature.
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