My NAD T752 Bit The Dust!!

September 20, 2005 04:00 by keithkaragan
I have an NAD T752 receiver that I've had for a little over two years now, and frankly I've been pretty happy with - and have used pretty lightly. Last week I turned it on to watch a film and **BAM** severe popping out of several speakers - and no sound. What a D-R-A-G ! It would go into protection mode (red power light) as soon as I switched into Pro Logic mode (the jumper to the main outputs for the center channel was still in place, and the surround channels can't be disconnected, so any DC output should cause that).
It's been a while since I've had a soldering iron in my hand, but since it's out of warranty I figured I'd take a peek and see what's up (after google-ing around for similar stories first ... no exact matches). So I found a bad solder joint and hoped that it was the cause - but no dice. After a call to NAD, I had a couple of suggestions - like resetting the unit, and checking for another bad connection in the power supply but those turned up dry as well.
The symptoms are  that the preamp outputs are putting out around 2 VDC on the left, right, and subs; the amps and the tape outs work fine and sound good (an iPod as a test source is nice!). The pop comes from the grounding of the 2 VDC when the volume is all the way off, and the outputs mute. The main preamp outs have no sound though! I think I've met my match after two rounds of trying to track it down (sans schematic), and I may have to bring it in for service ... worse than having to ask for driving directions ... This sucks!
....maybe one more round of self medication ... I'll bust out the O-scope to see where the signal is dying, since the tape outputs work, I'm suspicious of the volume control circuitry (I know the mute works).
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