Bush vs. Sheehan - Advantage Sheehan

August 13, 2005 18:30 by keithkaragan
Cindy Sheehan has views contrary to President Bush, she has also lost her son to Bush's war effort - that doesn't make her right, or wrong in her view. That's a matter of you political viewpoint, but George Bush is wrong, way wrong for being a coward and not meeting her face to face to tell her the things he said in press conferences, and to thank her personally for son's selfless sacrifice.
Would any president in recent history not met with Cindy Sheehan, especially when she's camped out across from you vacation retreat? Only maybe G.H.W. Bush (family values?), but even he may have had enough political common sense not to look like a totally insensitive boob in the eyes of the public. Clinton certainly would have, so would Reagan, Carter, Ford, and Nixon even (given the same circumstances).
It seems to me like the hypocrisy of GW Bush's 'Family Values' are most evident in this outrageous shortsighted action. Same on you!
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