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June 12, 2005 02:00 by keithkaragan
I saw Star Wars Episode III on Friday night, and liked it (not too surprising, since I liked the others as well). What I found interesting in the film was the dialog, and the underlying theme of democracy and the fragility of it. No wonder the republican droids were giving Lucas a hard time at the press conferences leading up to the release of the film. While I don't think that Lucas created some master scheme to release this film with this message at this time .... it is uncanny how appropriate it is for the times were in - Hell, it would have been as appropriate during any time of US politics over the last half century - but today the state of our democracy is as critical as the fictional one in the film.
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The frail democracy of the film is slipping away not through external pressure, but from within, just like we're witnessing today. I'm not sure who our Jedi knights would be in real life and hate to think we need a novelistic hero to save us ... worse I'd hate to think that the hero would end up being the offspring of the fascist leader a generation later. That's rather dark, even for me - I doubt that one of the Bush twins will rise to save democracy.
This situation leads me to recall a recent Dave Emory broadcast (FTR#510) that looks at the support of fascism in America through recent times, painting a rather nasty picture of the current administration ... or should we say the current regime and how they have basically been the same players over the last quarter century. It's scary stuff, and one could say that a crafty person can paint anyone to look like a villain, and that might be true, but how is it that so many people have documented these trespasses to democracy by a few elites in society and there has been little to no rebuke of these reports. And with all this information, we still appear to both support and elect these people to run things - Personally I'd feel far more comfortable with a drafting of average citizens to congress (where they can't run, they must be nominated - or even randomly selected for only a single term).
 In the end I bet we would find that they would take the responsibility seriously, and make decisions that are more representative of the morality and ethics of the country and that corporations and special interests would be kept in check. The fact that these public servants would need to return to and live in their communities in the same social class and occupations that they left before serving would keep them vested in true American values and not the currently epidemic propaganda driven nationalistic lunacy. Let's call this a Washingtonian approach.
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