What is the ‘new’ deal with Social Security anyway?

May 6, 2005 01:30 by keithkaragan
While listening to an episode of Making Contact titled “Social Security "Reform": Rolling Back the New Deal” I was struck with a take on the issue I hadn’t considered before. Thomas Frank asserts that the reform of Social Security is nothing but a smoke screen for the current administration’s political base (I call them the radical liberal Republican Party) to shift the power center of American politics to Wall Street.
He contends that Social Security has been the political Third Rail – the untouchable aspect of the political landscape that the citizenry sees as important enough to hold their representatives to protect and keep healthy – you don’t screw with the entity that will be sending retirees and the disabled part of their income. The problem is that the surplus of Social Security funds get spilled into other social programs in the government, and some or most of this is also to programs that are not on the agenda of the fascist revolutionaries that Bush currently leads.
You just can’t stop the Social Security machine. It’s been tried before, over and over again unsuccessfully – until now. Using the same “Culture of Fear” concept that has worked so very well for the secret coupe regime, there is now a crisis is Social Security that must be addressed. Frank and others contend that the system is healthy and will correct itself, and that there is no crisis, at least not for you and me. The crisis is that the Bush-istas need to strike while the iron is hot, and put this power play in motion before they fall from favor and the masses aren’t scared to death and allow their vestment to corporate America™ to commence as quickly as possible.
By moving the political Third Rail of Social Security to Wall Street, Wall Street gets a win-win-win scenario. They will see more money coming into the market – and they love money, and this may have some marginal positive impact on the economy for a short time. Wall Street will get a contact high from their holdings of Social Security money too, suddenly all hands will be off of Wall Street and hence hands off anything that negatively impacts business – BAM! All Your Bits Belong To US, inc. – Game over.
This dovetails into my stance that the fascists are in control and tightening the screws tighter every day to make sure that every non-billionaire man, woman, and child will serve the corporate machine in every aspect of their lives. That you exist, en-mass, to feed the machine and tend to it’s needs. Soylent Green is made of people, don’t you know?
Grover Norquist (part of the machine) was quoted as saying: (I’m paraphrasing) “We want this to happen [the investment of Social Security funs in the markets] because we want people to identify with Wall Street …. We want them to buy stocks …” – I’m sure you do, but not for the reasons they say publicly.
My “Conservative” angle on this is:
The physical and financial health of the American public should be, and must be the primary concern of the government. Any representative of the people that transfers rights from the people to the corporations is a traitor and should be tried for acts of treason, and promptly jailed. The public at large will not see the transfer of power that is happening until it has been long established and not easily reversed (basically the foot that has been on you neck for the past several years is finally having impact on your ability to breathe). What will it take to get leaders in Washington that are OUR representatives and not the servants to corporate America™ ?
I’m personally embarrassed that I didn’t see this issue from this perspective until now – this was such an AhHa! Moment that I can’t imagine that this wouldn’t be alarming to anyone else that was to hear it. I’m also thankful that I’m finding media like Making Contact and the linty of independently produced articles and audio programs that have been a mainstay of my adult life, but are so more abundant due to PodCasting and RSS syndication.
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