Managing Versioned .Net Assemblies in a server farm without the GAC

May 6, 2005 03:30 by keithkaragan
In the job I'm currently on the puzzle of how to solve issues surrounding deployment of a rather large scale .Net application to a server farm where all components of the site need to have side-by-side versioning and assembly redirection support available came up.
After thinking on this for a while it seemed logical that synchronizing web.config entries for this app would be a hard thing to manage manually, and would introduce the risk of error updating these entries since there would be many components to be registered and a constant influx of new components that would require this be updated regularly.
I started to investigate loading this information dynamically (all the config info in a DB table), and it turns out that (as expected) this can be done without too much fuss. Taking it a step further, it **may** be possible to actually store the binaries in a DB as well - having the app load the assemblies as shadow copies ... I have yet to try this part.
Anyway, I created a small presentation to cover the idea. I'm sure some folks may have done this, or are doing this already. I'd be really interested to hear about their experiences.
I'd love to do this with SharePoint - and the basic concept is applicable, however I'd like to manage the entries too, and haven't found a way to manage that pragmatically (yet!).
The Presentation
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