Artist page on Music.Download.Com & Archive.Org

May 10, 2005 01:30 by keithkaragan
I applied for an artist page on Music.Download.Com, and it seems that after about a month of review, it's up and available - Yippie!
The account is limited to 50MB of material, so there are a few things up there, and I'll rotate the files occasionally unless it turns out to be a 1 month turn around again.
I've also put an item under the Creative Commons license on I attempted to add some more material to this because I think it's really cool in it's philosophy and implementation (they transcode the files to a variety of formats auto-magically). I'll have to see how this goes though since, when I tried to upload additional material the server was out of space - but these now appear to be available under the OuiCast podcast name.
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