Who 'Ya Gonna Call? WinGhostBrowser?

April 15, 2005 00:30 by keithkaragan
I was looking into Ghosted and Un-Ghosted pages in SharePoint today and I felt so inspired to have a tool to easily look at the data in the Content column of the Docs table that I wrote a little application that loads up a list of all unghosted pages, sorts them, and then displays the content column's data to the user. I lovingly call it WinGhostBrowser , although it's really a browser of unghosted files. Since I've gotten so much use from the other really useful SharePoint utilities other folks have put out there, I figured I'd add this to the site as a download - get it here ! The app does not use the SharePoint OM, it reads directly from the database (read-only) - so you can run it remotely from a machine without Sharepoint if you want.
Let me know if this proves to be of use, and send me a copy if you improve it - all source is included.
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