"Please no longer refer to me as a liberal, leftist, progressive, pinko..."

April 24, 2005 22:00 by keithkaragan
 note (with the above title) to a group of friends:

Friends - I've been wrong - very wrong for a long time in labeling my social and political views as liberal (or some manifestation of the left). In an effort to correct this I will from this point forward refer to myself as CONSERVATIVE, yes conservative ... and Right-Wing.
Why this change? Well, I've come to the conclusion that my core beliefs support the core underpinnings of the US constitution and that the rabid fascists that are in control of the country are indeed radical liberals. They are 'changing' the form and enforcement of the constitution and the laws of the US to what amounts to a fascist regime - this is radical and not acceptable conservative politics. So I was terribly wrong all this time thinking I wanted change, wanted to be an agent for change, etc. - when what I really wanted was to conserve the justice, freedom, and beauty of the US Constitution.
You will not see me wearing a flag on my lapel, or a striped 'republican' tie for these are trademarks of the revolutionaries that are seeking to destroy the constitution and enslave the populous in chains of fascism. Hopefully sometime soon I'll determine what best represents an outward representation of this conservatism, until then I'll keep my uniform in tact and watch for fashion trends.
I think I may create a website stating these beliefs, where the manifesto of sorts is accepting and open to any person that may see themselves as a Constitutional Conservative and perhaps with some interest these people can start to badger the worthless representation in their state and national legislatures to stop the liberal infringements on our rights and roll back the fascistic policies of the post coupe regime.
If you'd like to join me in this personal re-branding, let me know - and maybe suggest it to a friend. being a liberal is painful - you're always under attack, and always talking about what's wrong. As a conservative you can bathe in the righteousness that your core beliefs are rooted in the founding documents of the country, and that these revolutionaries are 'evil-doers' and looking to 'destroy America' ... as well as other really socially acceptable positions. I really feel better about myself already, it's amazing what a little marketing can do for one's self-esteem.
Yours in justice.

This is a new way for me to look at myself as a politically aware person. Indeed, nothing has changed in my beliefs or viewpoints - just the vantage point I'm looking at things from and the self-imposed label I choose to identify myself. Let's face facts, we all label ourself one way or another - either passively by letting others do so through their interpretation of our actions, or intentionally by choosing our own label - sometimes accurately, sometimes not. I'll be looking for others that share this political vantage point. Although we will surely have variations in our personal concerns it's my hope that we can share enough common ground to develop a common platform that expresses the desire for adherence to the constitution and the sanctity of freedom for all Americans.

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