OuiCast, State of the PodCast

April 11, 2005 02:30 by keithkaragan
The OuiCast PodCast has four (4) recordings under it's belt now and there is still to be a word spoken on OuiCast - just music. This may be a good thing, or yet something to evolve to. The next step has been taken to list the PodCast on some of the directories listing PodCasts to see if that will widen the audience. Granted, the audience will no doubt be small regardless of efforts to spread the word as (I think) there just isn't a great demand for ambient musical rants - but somehow I think thee may at least be other musicians who make similar music that might want to hear what others are doing - Time will tell.
Making this PodCast an entity is interesting in that it does force me to think about timeliness, and to make an effort to get down to business and record something. It also forces me to scrutinize what I come up with and try to add a fresh dimension to future recordings.
Some challenges include my current blog software's lack of direct support for enclosures in the rss feed it generates. The latest version may support it, I don't yet know  - or what complications may ensue in upgrading - I need to look into that. I can program, so laziness is the only excuse in not adding this feature myself and getting it done - but I've been trying to be resolute about restricting my off hours to family involvement and creative pursuits that are not programming related, so it looks like manually maintaining an alternate feed fro this PodCast is the way I'll continue doing this, at least for a while.
If you are getting the feed and have feedback, I'm welcome to it - send it to info-at-techoui.com (replace the “-at-” with the '@' symbol). If you create similar music, I'd also love to hear from you, perhaps we could add other's music (in similar genres) to the OuiCast - or collaborate on pieces and then publish the resulting output - email me if you'd like to do that and I can forward a higher quality file than the MP3.
I'm also starting to get a little concerned about the size of these files and storage, so I'm going to need to devise an alternate solution to serving these files in the near term - don't yet know what might look like. Lastly, I'm considering adding an infrequent cast dealing with production and commentary on DAW and computer based composition applications, I have to think about that a bit more.
Thanks for listening.
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