Movie Recommendation: What The Bleep Do We Know

April 24, 2005 03:00 by keithkaragan
What The Bleep Do We Know came out last year, and was recently released on DVD. The film addresses the issues of spirituality (did I actually type that word?) in the context of science (quantum physics). This is something I've become really interested in recently, and have had a number of really interesting conversations with some friends on this topic. The movie is a kind-of primer for this kind of thought. I can't say that I learned anything really new in viewing it, but the summarization of the items together in a single source is valuable and engaging.
The film is in a dramatized documentary style, with a narrative story that is acted out and interspersed with interviews with notable scientists working in the area. Given the astonishing amount of scientific advances and discoveries recently, and the enormity of what's not known, this is a really compelling and timely subject that is sure to have impact throughout society in our lifetimes.
Consider that the rift between those who subscribe to the myriad of mainstream religions and those who disavow those same institutions, this line of though/spirituality actually presents a common ground that validates the existence of a higher power while empowering the individual by putting the responsibility on the collective mass of humanity for it's own health, happiness, and ultimate judgment of good and evil. Very similar to a deism philosophy.
I find it very interesting that scientists working in theoretical and applied quantum physics are finding more and more that many of the 'supernatural' phenomenons that have intrigued people over the ages may be linked to principles of physics. The nature of energy, the lack of a concrete nature in time, the ability of matter to transport, the ability of matter to be in more than one location at one time, the black box experiment that reacts to shifts in local energy levels tying in to the times of great mass joy and disaster, and the fact that energy does not die - it dissipates are all truly amazing pieces of a much larger picture that has the possibility of validating many of the artifacts in the belief systems of many of the world's religion's followers - while simultaneously offering the disenchanted something concrete to hang their hats on as well. Interesting times are at hand. 
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