So, what podcasts am I listening to regularly?

March 24, 2005 03:00 by keithkaragan
I'm listening to tons of podcasts at the moment, but only a few consistently - and I'm listing them below. Absent from this list are the feeds from, WNYC in NYC, of the Brian Lehrer and Lenny Lopate shows because they are only a fraction of the show - I'd really want to hear the whole thing since I miss it when I have to work on-site somewhere - so in protest, these are omitted (but those shows are really good).
The hit list:
  • Coverville
    Cover tunes assembled by a fan of cover tunes - it rocks, consistently!
  • Dave Emory on WFMU
    Dave is 'the man' when it comes to dishing the dirt on the power brokers in world politics and is a dedicated investigator of fascist and un-American cover-ups of events ... very thought provoking and powerful.
  • Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything
    If you like Joe Frank, you'll like TOE - good stuff. Edgy radio monologues and storytelling.
  • In Our Time
    A BBC show with online streaming archives, and the latest show available in MP3. The host is knowledgeable and casts the show with experts on the subject of the day and they have excellent deep conversations. Lot's of science and philosophical stuff here.
  • Evil Genius Chronicles
    I'm not certain what this show is about ... a little bit of everything. Dave (the host) is a likable fellow and usually has something interesting to talk about.
  • The Bitterest Pill
    Dan Klass, the stay at home dad, podcasting from LA. I like Dan's spin on life as a dad and the other topics.
  • Dawn and Drew
    A couple from Wisconsin with a mostly funny, edgy talk show - fun stuff.
  • Jonesville Station – WFMU
    Jonesey! A WFMU staple, awesome music and interview show ... now you can hear it when you have the time and just when it airs live.
  • Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code
    The one time MTV VJ podcasts from his house in the Netherlands and mostly covers podcasting as a subject, interspersed with some culture, some mashups, and personal stuff. He's entertaining and likable ... maybe I'm just sentimental as a 1st generation MTV viewer.
  • 2600 – Off the Hook/Wall
    Manny Goldstein has 2 radio shows (one on WBAI and one on WUSB) both are on this feed. 2600-ish topics are more pronounced on the WBAI show, but both feature his sensible dissection of the issues of the day, and the issues of tomorrow (IP rights, privacy, technology) - good stuff!

That's the list for now ... enough to keep me entertained throughout my day with room to spare for the occasional traffic jam.

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