Mac and iPod Update

March 24, 2005 02:30 by keithkaragan
I've been mac-mini land for a couple of months now, and in iPod world for about a month. The mac-mini is great, it's quickly become my desktop of choice for most tasks with only a few annoyances:
  1. I can't print to my printer on my pc (shared) - this a serious issue that I'm having trouble with.
  2. I still get the apple and option keys mixed up - mostly due to them being reversed on my Logitech keyboard.
  3. Some websites that ate targeted at IE for Windows render like shit on a mac, even with Firefox ... I hope that this will change as time goes by - most sites are fine, but some are not functional.
  4. Power - Since I work with audio a lot, the mini is pretty limited with it's abilities. It wasn't intended for this though, so I'm not too upset ... it's also justification for a higher end mac ;-)

  5. Interestingly, the mini rocks in comparison to my pc, which is considerably faster and has more RAM, for most day to day apps. I can do pretty much whatever I need to without a problem. I'm writing this on the pc because my blog admin screen's rich editing doesn't render on the mac - boo-hoo!
    I was thinking yesterday about what I paid for my first 286 pc - $1499 or something like that, and how evolved this mini is for $499 - amazing.
    The iPod - this thing brings me quite a bit of enjoyment. I listen when I work, in the car, and even hook it to my home audio system - nice! I'm digging the podcast culture alot, and catch shows that I would otherwise never hear, or regularly miss - excellent. The iPod itself though is a bit shady. The thing locks up way too often for my taste, it happened the first time several days after getting it and I had no clue what to do about it. I learned how to re-boot (hold the menu and center buttons for 5 seconds) it and that works, but A) it's a pain in the ass and inconvenient and B) I loose my place in a show or book when that happens and since these tend not to be 3 minute things - more like an hour, it blows having to scroll through the program to find your place. If this keeps up, I don't know what to do. It seems to be worse lately after a software update - I think) which makes me suspicious. Every time I turn it off during the day, it locks up - this shouldn't be.
    So the medium is great, the implementation is slick, but seems buggy. At 4th generation it should be friggin' error free! What is up with that?
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