iPod, iPod, it's off to hell iGo ....

February 15, 2005 03:00 by keithkaragan
 now have an iPod - U2 Special Edition, no less. It was a gift that I gladly accepted since I did really want one, but would have NEVER purchased it for myself in a million years. It's already stuffed with music, and podcasts, and contacts, and I dig it - a real lot. Why? well, consider that this thing is solid. Very very solid. Also consider that the interface is simple, complete, and intuative. Also consider that it just works, and sounds really good (and I tend to be a bit snobbish when it comes to audio equipment). It's a stylish consumer device that is very well done. In glossy black it looks great too. What i'm absolutely ga-ga over is the podcasting format. I love radio, and I love to listen to radio when I work and travel, this makes this easy so that I can listen to shows that I'd otherwise miss, and can pause them when away for awhile. Excellent use of RSS and the blogging format. I'll add my favorite feeds soon. I admit that I feel like I'm a bit owned listening to this on the train, or in public - and I'm not a great fan of the disconnected-ness that we move to so rapidly when we adsorb ourselves in our own little media-worlds while passing by the interaction of life, or the anti-social side effects that the headset generations and video game kid generation(s) have aquired - there's a lack of social grace and face to face interaction that gets lost if you subnerge too deeply in these things, but the gadget itself is lovely and the sound is good. I can load up on podcasts and audiobooks and make culturely useful time of the drive, train trip, or coding time. So I'm now one step closer to requiring de-programming and anti-cult measures ... perhaps the joy is simply the alure of the matrix playing with me .. hah, bring it on Mr. Smith.
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