USB to PS/2 Adapter Woes

February 10, 2005 01:30 by keithkaragan
I have an old KVM I use and I jack my laptop, mac-mini, assorted pcs, and other junk into it so I can type on the same Keyboard and use the same mouse, and achieve the same lack of productivity regardless of the system I'm using. I ended up acquiring a USB to PS/2 adapter to accommodate my VAIO laptop's lack of a PS/2 port(s). Being the stingey bastard that I am, I used the one that came with my tablet to do this - since using a keyboard with a slate tablet is really bad etiquette anyway, it wasn't being used - and life was good. In my last 'real' job (was it really?) I shuttled this laptop to and fro the office, so they bought another adapter to make me a happy employee willing to work long hours, etc, etc ... anyway, it all worked well. Then I got the mac-mini and had to hook up another ubber modern device with no PS/2 port, so I used the same adapter and life was good - until I needed to jack my laptop in to do some work on it ...
So I bit the bullet and visited my local comp-u-s-a store and picked up a $25 USB-PS/2 adapter and hooked the VAIO back up ... all hell broke loose, the keyboard would lag, and sticky keys type behavior would start happening randomly. Must be a bad one - so I got another one from radio shack. Different brand (Compaq) - same thing. In fact switching the adapter for either of the new ones on the mac caused difficulties (new exciting ones) too. It got to the point where I had to get up (WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT) and wade through the limitless clutter of my office to find a wired keyboard and mouse to hook up to the adapter for the keyboard, and use the USB mouse I use when I'm 'on the road'. This worked, but was uncomfortable since i couldn't flip between systems as readily and be the lazy pig I've grown accustomed to being. This is akin to the television being permanently being turned on and set to a station you don't like because you can't find the remote. I admit it! But WTF! Why should this matter ... I suppose the length of the KVM cables, and their positions to each other and the magnetic interference of the monitor and the rotation and gravitational pull of the earth may have contributing factors, but WTF!
Not one, but two of these things (like $50 bucks worth) are not usable, yet a cheapie that came with another product (looks the same) is superior, works flawlessly, but is pretty much unavailable to me ... enough to make you want to throw away your computers (except for the mac-mini).  Now to try to return these adapters ...
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