Things I hate about my mac-mini

February 10, 2005 02:30 by keithkaragan
or - Things other systems do wrong that limit my mac <g> ...
  1. No audio input included. Solved though (in process) by buying an M Audio FastTrack USB interface - $130 with a free microphone (I'm certain it's a stellar mic for the price of $30 over the interface alone). I can use it with PCs or Macs, and My kids can jack into the 'family' pc too as their talents develop.
  2. No synchronization of my Hotmail calendar with iCal or Entourage. Big sucking sound!
  3. No easy export from Outlook (pc) to any mac calendar... yet
  4. No native HTTP mail support for Hotmail (a 3rd party free one is available, and works - but I like Entourage way better - If the calendar was sync'd it would be better!!!!)
    1. Entourage's http support is a bit weak though, some rich mails jam the download of hotmail, and 'other' folders aren't alway up to date (or sometimes appear not to be).
  5. The upgrades got cheaper after I bought it ... oh well, It'll still be cheaper once I open it an upgrade to 1 GB of RAM.
  6. No dual monitor support - I'd say it would be justified then to spend $2,000 or so on a nice 30“ LCD then - right?
  7. Office for mac doesn't have One Note .... Why?
  8. No built in Spider Solitaire ... oh well.
  9. I don't really like iTunes too much. Maybe that'll change. I especially don't like that Apple wants me to give a credit card number and all to download 'Free' tracks from the store. Look I have no intent on buying songs at $0.99 from them when I can get them elsewhere for $0.25 (or there about) or rip my CDs to listen to while I work.
  10. Why one RAM slot? Why 1 GB? If RX Cringley  is right about the real purpose of the mini, then more RAM would be beneficial.
  11. I feel kind of 'owned' - If I start using a one button mouse , wearing Birkenstocks , driving a Volvo ( minivan , micro-bus , recumbent bicycle , etc.), or start looking cultish - either shoot me, or abduct me, re-educate me, and get me Commodore 64 .
  12. Haven't figured a way to sync my AXIM from mac without paying for a 3rd party tool yet.
  13. The programming languages I know don't translate directly to the mac ... hmmm
  14. I'm wishing it was a dual G5 <g>
  15. My .Text blog admin tool has a rich editor that don't work on mac :-(
    1. Software installs are easy - the files go somewhere <g> and stuff just works.
    2. iPodder ... great concept, I love radio, so this rocks! (and I don't even have an iPod)
    3. Audio sounds better on the mac ... same speakers too. Not so boomy.
    4. Video looks gorgeous ... even using Windows Media Player.
    5. Garage Band is fun as hell!
    6. Entourage is what Outlook really should be.
    7. Online instructions to crack the case open .
    8. Online instructions to change the speed .
    9. Overall smoothness of the OS is really top notch, and that endorphin haze has lasted for more than a couple weeks now .. so I'm doubting the placebo effect is in play

  16. On the plus side:
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