R.I.P. Mr. Gonzo

February 23, 2005 23:00 by keithkaragan
I would have never guessed that HST  (aka The good doctor , aka Dr. Hunter S. Thompson ) would go out the way he did. I can almost picture what he would say about someone else given the same circumstances, but then again expect the unexpected with a character such as he was.
I definitely not a Hugh reader, but I read several HST books, and really enjoyed them. I also followed him in periodicals and online  whenever possible. His stint on ESPN  made me feel all the more normal as a male in our society, since I don't follow sports - I actually had a reason to visit a sports news site.
Most importantly though, HST made me look at the media, reporters, the news, and the establishment in new and different ways. After experiencing gonzo journalism, the rest of the pack end up looking 'owned', 'cowardly', or in some way just plain inferior. I liked reading HST, I liked it more when he'd turn up in the media for one reason or another, and I loved it when it was unavoidable (like the Fear and Loathing movie).
I have a memory of HST being interviewed on 60 minutes when I was a teenager (I think). Throughout the interview HST was walking around his property and taking target practice at things kind of randomly, making the reporter (Harry Reasoner perhaps?) very obviously nervous - how gonzo is that! It was unforgettable.
It's certain that the landscape of the US media will be forever changed by his presence, and be devoid of a powerful advocate for truth and freedom in his absence. Thank you for your contribution Dr. Gonzo, not everyone 'got it' but they were affected none the less.
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