FlashPaper2 - Slight of Hand or Real Magic?

February 10, 2005 01:00 by keithkaragan
I'll admit two things right up front:
  1. I like to surf the web in a browser. Not a handheld, not a phone, on a big bright glowing monitor.
  2. I like rich content in a web page (well, most of the time). I like glossy, styled, cool websites that have unique interfaces. I hate when they load slow, crash my browser, don't work, or otherwise hang. (ex: www.musiciansfriend.com - I like them and buy stuff from them more than I should, but loading their site in IE6 is agony ... and this is a rather plain vanilla shopping site. Something they load just kills IE ... Since I'm now a FireFox and Mac bigot (sic), this is less of a problem, but on the off occasion (now) that I hit it in IE, I want to scream.)

  3. Ok, so what's the point ... FlashPaper2 'appears' to be a very nicely put together answer to the giant sucking sound you hear when loading a PDF in a browser on a windows machine. I really, really , really hate loading PDFs in a browser ... At the very least it kills the integrated experience of the site your on. The worst case is that a funky PDF, old version of acrobat, or other anomaly enhances the pain of retrieving information to the point where you don't really want the information any longer (how zen ...). Well FlashPaper2 let you publish, as if in a PDF experience content as a document and embed it into the page (with a little toolbar thing going on ... you can pop it up if you want - very slick. I don't know all the details yet about how well you can control rights on the content for saving, printing, copying etc .... but if they have the same abilities as PDFs do, then this is very, very cool and useful. I was able to screenshot one of the macromedia demos, and the content showed up ... and there didn't seem to be a demo of secured content (bummer!). All in all this has real potential. I never heard of FlashPaper 1 ... I suppose this advances the technology to some degree.
    I can see applications for this technology in intranets and publishing to the web (I'm just so insightful). And would love to see a SharePoint based portal site with this technology embedded into it, and into a corporate website for the same company. Where the final, approved documents are published as FlashPaper docs - or - where users with read access only, can see the docs in FlashPaper, and editors can open the real doc for editing. With the whole ball of wax integrated with some kind of flexible routing and approval workflow, and auto generation of the FlashPaper. I can dream, can't I.
    Again, this and Macromedia's other offerings have me in a gitty mood, since the technologies are advancing and changing which is always a good thing, especially if you make your living working with these technologies. New Technology = Fun, Interesting / Old Technology = Same Old, Same Old. (Yeah, I know ... and all that stability,maturity stuff too.)
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