“Do you want to make FireFox your default web browser?”

January 3, 2005 19:30 by keithkaragan
I've used the FireFox browser for some time now, but mostly as a back-up browser ... you know, when I'm browsing sites that are notorious for spyware (although I prefer Opera for that better still) but stuck with IE mainly because my latest bookmarks were there and my logins for site I log into, etc, etc, etc. I upgraded to FireFox 1.0 and took a look at some of the extensions available for it after performing a speed tweak on the browser (see here ). Extensions to open the same page in IE in case there is specific content, ad blocker extensions, del.icio.us bookmarks - loads of cool stuff.
I recently read a blog (an MS blog) that pointed out insecurities questionable practices that may worry some users about installing FireFox - or prevent it in a corporate environment with certain policies in place - I see the bloggers point, but would say that there is a lot more good stuff in FireFox than bad, and admit that even I, a loyal Microsoft customer, developer, and former employee, am really really close to clicking yes to that “Do you want to make FireFox your default web browser?” prompt.
With the speed tweak, pages finish loading faster by opening multiple connections to get the content - that's really good for me, might be an issue to some IT admins in some companies. The del.icio.us bookmarks are really nice too - allows you to make bookmarks to a central site that you can share or just retrieve for yourself from different locations (desktop vs. laptop for me). If you haven't tried FireFox you should give it a go, and if you don't like it you can uninstall it easily. The tabbed browsing feature of FireFox is a common feature pointed to as being Superior - it's a taste issue, but if you like that you got it in there.
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