New Specs

December 3, 2004 16:00 by keithkaragan
Although I've seemingly made it nearly 4 decades without the need for glasses, except for a brief stint where a particularly bad monitor I was using made be believe I needed glasses, I've now joined the ranks of IT workers whom are be-speckled.
With the vast hour of experience I now have wearing these new eyes, I must say that I can see that little type on the screen much better than before. Time will tell if I really need these or I'm suffering some other ailment that is manifesting itself as poor near field vision. Since these glasses aren't returnable, and they cost significantly more than a drug store pair, I'm torn between the desire to not need these and my frugal (or is that now officially spelled '
froogle ') nature to get my money's worth.
These new specs have an anti-glare coating on them that is supposed to reduce fatigue if you are a heavy computer (use, not weight). I had several people tell me about this before, and some had non-corrective specs they would wear when working. I haven't really noticed a fatigue in that sense since switching from a CRT to all LCDs, but it makes sense that it might help.
On of the tests, where an extremely bright light was shown into the eye to view the optic nerve was notably uncomfortable. The optometrist used a small handheld item to reflect the light differently into the eye, and on one of the angles it would cause a pressure in the ear on that side ... a very odd sensation.
Maybe I'll look more distinguished and intelligent ;-)
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