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December 13, 2004 14:00 by keithkaragan
A long while back I downloaded a demo of Ableton Live 1.0, futzed with it for 10-15 minutes, and dismissed it. For some reason I opened this old version back-up and spent a little more time with it, and found it to be a really liberating tool. So I downloaded the demo of the newest version, 4.0, and it's even better.
The interface is very different from the DAW software I used in the past, and different from looping apps like ACID. This is probably why it didn't compute with me initially - being an old dawg and all, I suppose.
The Live aspect of the application is geared toward those doing performance with the tool, but this is also well suited to those folks who record in that manner - not composing in a really structured framework. For example, I like to either play a phrase and then add rythm to it and build up form there - or - invert that and build up a environment to play into. With Live, I can do this over and over, and add different phrases and change up the environment progressively in an easy to manage way, then **play** the performance the way I want it and cut it (well I'll be able to cut it once I buy the full version).
ASIO support for low-latency audio and VST support are there, you can do midi, and there are basic built in effects for standard audio processing ... overall, a pretty nice package.
Give it a try.
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