ASP.Net Configuration File Frustration

December 4, 2004 05:00 by keithkaragan
I've been working with ASP.Net since it was beta, but I suppose that any work I've done with it on shared hosts has been such where I never needed to update a local file directly without being authenticated (go figure). The bummer on this front is that you will (no surprise in hind-site) is that you can't do that - Access Denied. This was attempted with no rights (anonymous user on an XP IIS implementation running locally - maybe it would be better on a Win 2003 server since the account the process runs under will be different - Hmm).
Well, trying some of the tools available for a work around served to simply waste more time in this endeavor (The Configuration Management Application Block was the one I spent the most time with, basically replicating the structure I had built). Results were the same (again - no surprise).
For apps running on a shared host you don't really want to use the account that use to manage the site as the identity of the process, and you don't want universal write access. So, if you have a local file you need to write to it becomes a problem. The easiest work around would be to save the config to a DB and manage it through that, but I don't want to include a DB where one might not be needed for this functionality.
Some more though has to be applied to this issue, there is bound to be a simple and elegant solution to this.
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