Ordering of Ducks

November 15, 2004 18:00 by keithkaragan
Not that I'm in any way a big spender, or a penny pincher either, but going through by household bills today put me in a 'savings' state of mind, a getting my ducks in a row exercise. Two things irritated me to the point of research: My cable TV bill, and my phone bill.

I've griped about these before in the past, but now I'm really motivated to cut the cord.
Cablevision recently sent me a letter indicating that the Digital IO service, that I've had for over 2 years now, was erroneously providing me with entertainment I should be getting for the price I pay. Initially I was OK with that and figured it was a savings for me over the prior period, but when I look at my bill and realize that between TV service, extra charges, and cable internet service I'm paying them over $1,500 per year - I got pissed off.

My cable modem has been getting slower and slower over the last year (perhaps more customers?), and of the slew of available channels on the TV my family only watches about 10 regularly - but some are only available with certain packages. Action must be taken!

I'm looking at Verizon DSL service, but I'm hesitant due to previous poor service, and worse customer service. But it is significantly less expensive, and I *think* that the speeds will be more consistent. It will be a hassle to get going though since the line I had DSL on is now a VOIP line ( Vonage ), so my other phone line will have to be updated to accommodate DSL. This will be a tough decision, but I think I'll have to try Verizon again.

For TV service, I'm looking at Dish Network and DirectTV  but I'm concerned that by the time all the other charges and fees are added I won't save much, and that the quality of service might be bad with a dish. It all looks good initially, but there's bound to be some gottchas.

On the telephone side, I still object to having to pay for all these separate services - It would be nice to have it bundled up and pay it together. Between cell phones, landlines, VOIP, etc the fees add up quickly. AT&T offers some alternate plans for local service, but there isn't any significant savings there. I have to check with Verizon for alternate local plans
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