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November 16, 2004 20:00 by Admin
I've been looking for a couple things for sites I'm working on and came across some really nice free controls for ASP.Net that I think are really nicely made and work well:
  • NPoll by Votations [ link ]
    NPoll is a poll or voting control with a nice administration tool and built in such a way as to offer really good flexibility. For the price it's hard to beat (Free!), and the author posts the source code as well. Works with SQL Server on the back-end.
  • NSurvey by Votations [ link ]
    NSurvey is made by the same folks that make NPoll and is just as good, and just as expensive ($0.00). This control is for paged questionaires and surveys, and offers user management features, and tons of other options that I haven't dug into fully yet. They did do a very nice job.
  • Paul Wilson's MasterPages [ link ]
    Based on the ASP.Net site's
    MasterPages code, Paul has improved upon the code for better designer support. Basically, this control allows you to use a template for an ASP.Net site that has content areas defined in it. The template control (an .ascx) houses the code for the template, and all site pages include this control in it. Since the template control is templated itself, the content for the page is defined in the ASP.Net code for the template control tags in the page (default.aspx for example). So, each site page's aspx page code is light, and the template is in a common place where changes are global. You can apparently use more than one template, and define multiple content areas in the template as needed. Very cool.

Happy coding!
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