Music Related Information

All music presented on are original composition and are presented under the Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted.

Some new tracks: (inspired by the Roland VG99 Sealed)

Clan of Ursula is my latest music project - Improvised Psychedelic Music. 

OuiCast is the TechOui podcast that ran for several months in 2005, hopefully I'll get back into this shortly. I have a bunch of droning and jamming tunes to share once I end up mixing them down and cutting mp3's for uploading. To get a feel for what I'm up to musically (or at least what I was up to last year Smile ) why not subscribe to the podcast.

I've resurected the old TechOui music page HERE. It's more like a garage sale than an album, and includes audio sketches, samples, and other misculaneou audio snippets.

The Music Bio page had information (in progress) about the equipment I use, and influences in my musical style.